Autism Education Program

KVC Missouri provides individualized education and therapy services in a small class setting for children with communication disorders, cognitive delays, or an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. This helps them meet educational and social skill objectives and successfully function in a less restrictive environment at home and school.

Program Details

Our world-class, evidence-based interventions and unique approach to autism education help empower children to modify negative behavior, while improving communication and developing social skills.

We support success in home and group home settings through high school classrooms specifically designed to focus on life skills in core subject areas. Courses are taught through functional activities such as cooking, housekeeping, laundry, money management and other vocational activities.

Skills taught in the classroom are then reinforced through community field trips such as grocery shopping, eating in a restaurant, and using public transportation.

All services are individualized to meet the child’s specific needs. All services provide:

  • Differentiated instruction
  • Social skills instruction
  • Life skills focus
  • Behavioral and clinical therapy
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Sensory integration/individual sensory diets
  • Therapy groups
  • Family therapy
  • Parent education
  • Community-based outings
  • Speech and language services
  • Occupational therapy services
  • Music and art therapy
  • iPad available for academics and communication
  • Functional communication training/Picture Exchange Communication System
  • Nursing, psychiatric, medical, psychosocial and education evaluations and consultation


Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Illinois State Board of Education
The Joint Commission