Autism Respite Program


KVC Missouri’s in-facility and in-home respite programs help youth on the autism spectrum and their families balance their own needs, while providing their child or children with treatment and opportunities to develop independent living skills.

In-Facility Respite

A specially designed and updated respite home is available for day and overnight respite care. This includes a structured routine, needs-based programming and a safe environment that supports the child’s move toward self-sufficiency. As the children learn life skills, they also participate in activities that help transfer these skills across settings.

In-Home Respite

In-home respite staff support children in acquiring appropriate behaviors for their home and in the community through working to increase independent living and social skills, thereby allowing children to remain in their home and community.

All services are individualized to meet the child or children’s specific needs. All services provide:

  • Social skills instruction
  • Life skills focus
  • Behavioral and clinical therapy
  • Sensory integration/individual sensory diets
  • Parent education
  • Community-based outings


The Joint Commission

Sponsors of this Program

Productive Living Board

St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund