Psychological Services


KVC Missouri’s psychological services provide evaluations and developmental assessments in intellectual, behavioral, emotional, and social functioning to inform our treatment recommendations.

Program Details

Sometimes in life, we all need guidance to point us toward our own best path ahead.

That’s why we offer a unique spectrum of specialized services to address psychological service needs across the full range of human experiences and developmental stages.

Psychological evaluations are helpful in identifying treatment needs and recommending the best course of treatment for those needs. Psychological evaluations are also utilized to assess an individual’s preparedness for surgical procedures, including bariatric surgery, spinal surgery, and interventions relating to pain management. Psychological evaluations may also be requested by parents or schools to help determine whether special services are indicated or whether other needs are identified.

  • Developmental assessments for younger children also determine various levels of intervention.
  • Parenting assessments typically consist of a clinical interview, direct observations of parent-child interactions, review of records, and interviews with other service providers assisting the parent(s). They are helpful in assessing progress, treatment and placement recommendations.
  • Substance abuse assessments help pinpoint substance abuse treatment needs, current reported status and severity of the abuse.


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