Aftercare Program


The purpose of KVC Missouri’s Aftercare program is to provide rehabilitative services to children in residential treatment that help them move from the treatment facility to a home or community-based setting.

Ensuring success following residential treatment starts with providing adequate support once children are returned home, or placed with relatives or in other permanent homes.

Aftercare includes assessment, monitoring and ongoing management of a medication regimen, therapeutic and clinical treatment services, as well as hard and soft support services for the family, teachers and community members to support success in each area.

Our Aftercare program was designed as a 120-day program with 30 days in a residential facility and with 90 days of services provided in the home after the child’s return. Respite services in the residential facility may also be used if necessary to avoid a possible disruption to the placement.


A family assessment is conducted before or shortly after the child and family enter the program. Strengths and needs are assessed and a comprehensive plan of care is developed and updated weekly.

Aftercare Services may include:

  • Continued individual therapy for client
  • Family therapy
  • Parenting guidance, education and support
  • Mentoring for client
  • Assistance in accessing and maintaining community resources and supports for client and the family
  • Educational advocacy
  • 24-hour crisis intervention services (by phone and in person)
  • Respite care on the residential campus as needed
  • Support in implementing and maintaining structure in the home
  • Assistance in gaining better knowledge and understanding of mental health issues
  • Encouragement of medication compliance
  • Ongoing monitoring for safety and stability in the home


The Joint Commission

Sponsors of this Program

Missouri Department of Social Services – Children’s Division
Missouri Alliance for Children and Families
Missouri Department of Social Services – Division of Youth Services
Missouri Department of Mental Health

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