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KVC Missouri helps tens of thousands of children and adults create positive, lasting change in their lives. Every day, our team of 800 child welfare and children’s mental health professionals give their best because the heart of our work is helping people. We strengthen families in crisis, prevent child abuse and neglect, and help both children and adults achieve mental wellness.

Over the last year (FY23), we helped in some big ways:


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KVC Health Systems' 2023 Impact Report  View KVC Health Systems’ 2023 Impact Report here

Leading Change

At KVC Missouri, we are on a mission to transform children’s mental healthcare in Missouri. Learn more about how we’re Leading Change across the state and at our Webster Groves campus in Greater St. Louis.

KVC Webster Groves campus in Greater St. Louis

Why I Support KVC: Meet Eric and Tonya Groves

When he was a child, Eric Groves’ father was helped by KVC Niles in Kansas City, MO. It was a home for children, and has since grown to be a leader in children’s mental and behavioral health treatment. With that childhood support, his father grew to be an influential leader in the community. Now, Tonya and Eric Groves are strong supporters of KVC Missouri because of its positive impact in the lives of children and families.

Youth and Family Success Stories

Through Mental Health Treatment including Music Therapy, Young Man Gets a “Second Chance at Life”

“Michael” had experienced a lot of trauma and adversity in his young life. As he began engaging with KVC Niles’ therapists, he found that his natural interest in music along with his songwriting talent could be used to express himself in a powerful, healing way.




A 12-Year-Old Boy Experienced a Lifetime of Grief and Loss. His Therapist Helped Him Heal
After experiencing the loss of his home, pets and his parents’ divorce, this 12-year-old boy needed a caring person to help him process grief. Read more about his story here.



KVC Niles teacher Ryan Ratlaff in his classroom in Kansas City, Missouri - KVC Missouri

How This Teacher Helped a Student Overcome Massive Challenges to Graduate High School

Jay was a junior struggling in school. But once he transitioned to Niles Prep, a therapeutic alternative school, he got the help to achieve his dream of high school graduation.

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