Free Parenting and Mental Health Resources

Click on an image below to download free eBooks and other resources on parenting, mental health, ways to help a child in crisis, and how to strengthen the foster care and child welfare system.

Parenting Resources:

13-Part Parenting Tips Series

Free 13-Part Parenting Tips Series

Giving good directions ebook

Free eBook

Children’s Mental Health Resources:

Quick Assessment: Could Your Child or Teen Benefit from Mental Health Treatment?

Free Assessment

Free eBook

3 Levels of Treatment Cover

Free eBook

Becoming a Foster Parent Resources:

Is foster parenting for you questionnaire

Free Questionnaire

Real foster parent stories

Free eBook

Guide to choosing a foster care agency

Free eBook

Choosing KVC as your foster care agency

Free eBook

Foster parenting FAQs

Free eBook

Volunteering/Giving Back Resources:

Best ways to help others infographic

Free Infographic

Improving Child Welfare and Behavioral Healthcare Resources:

How to Get Prepared for the Family First Act

Free eBook