About KVC Missouri

KVC Missouri is a community-based program of KVC Niles, a private, nonprofit, licensed child placing agency with a strong 138-year legacy of compassionately serving children. KVC Niles is located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri and offers day treatment (alternative K-12 school) and psychiatric residential treatment for children with mental and behavioral health needs. Through this new programming, KVC Niles is building a broad continuum of care that can serve children and families with a wide variety of needs.

KVC has a proven track record of generating new interest in fostering and recruiting families that have never before fostered a child. Over the last 7 years, our sister KVC organizations in Kansas and West Virginia have grown their numbers of foster families by up to 78%, from 500 homes to 892 homes. This is good for children in crisis because it means KVC is raising awareness in communities and adding new capacity to serve children and families.

At this time, KVC Missouri is training foster parents to care for youth who need temporary loving homes. We provide pre-service training (20-30 hours) to new families who wish to become foster/adoptive parents with the Missouri Department of Social Services, as well as Elevated A (18 hours) & Elevated B (9 hours) training classes for foster parents who are want to care for children with behavioral health needs like depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, childhood trauma and adversity, and behavioral or conduct challenges.

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