K-12 Educational Academies

At KVC Academy, we’re passionate about learning and providing the therapeutic support youth need to thrive. We believe every child deserves an equal shot at future success. That’s why we’re here: for your children – our students.

We have KVC Academies in these cities. Please call us at (844) 424-3577 or click here to learn more:

  • St. Louis/Webster Groves
  • Kansas City (Niles Prep)
  • St. James
  • Columbia
  • Lebanon
  • Boonville
  • Cameron

We’re here for the child who feels out of place or struggles in other educational settings because of factors beyond his/her control or are recovering from substance use disorders and who needs a better place to learn. Your children will find a warm, nurturing, structured learning environment where they can accomplish everything from the simple to the incredible. We’re here to equip and empower them with the tools needed to guide them around life’s obstacles and to a place where they can unlock their full potential and thrive.

Your child receives individualized education combined with therapy from a highly trained staff in small class settings. Our evidence-based curriculum is at work on each of our five campus locations across Missouri. Our schools are approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Illinois Board of Education, and nationally accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS). So you can be confident your child is getting a high-quality education that adheres to the same demanding standards placed on the most prestigious private schools.

At KVC Missouri Academy, we can help cultivate your child’s excitement to learn and reignite the zeal for life. We’ll help pave the path so he or she can join us, regardless of your family’s circumstances. We ask only that as a caregiver, you see our schools not as a last resort, but as a first and best step toward a positive future for the child you love.


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