Our Approach

At KVC Academy, we welcome children who struggle in traditional school settings, offering a place where they feel right at home.

Our highly trained and experienced teachers, therapists and school personnel work collaboratively to ensure the support and success of each student, We help youth struggling with significant emotional or behavioral challenges, communication disorders, cognitive delays or who have an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, or who are working to sustain substance use sobriety. Rooted in compassion, we are a school for any student who struggles in other educational settings.

Curriculum and Class Size

Our curriculum uses evidence-based programs and behavior strategies, and we take care to adapt our teaching to fit each student’s personality and needs. Class sizes are small, about 10 students, and each classroom has a highly qualified teacher, teacher’s assistant and licensed clinical therapist working as a team.

Graduation & Beyond

Our school personnel support each child’s personal journey to future success by giving them a nurturing and structured environment where they can unlock their full potential. We place a strong emphasis on learning and normalization to prepare students who can transition back to a traditional school setting. Secondary school students can earn high school diplomas, prepared for post-secondary school, vocational/technical training or entry into the workforce.

Highly Accredited 

Many forms of success aren’t measurable as a score. How do you quantify a person’s ability to laugh and smile? Still, we take great pride in employing many Board-Certified Behavior Analysts – considered the gold standard in behavioral health – especially in caring for youth with autism. Plus, our schools are nationally accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) and approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Illinois Board of Education.

Multiple Locations

Each year, over 400 children are educated on our campuses. Through partnerships with school districts across Missouri, KVC Academy’s personnel ring the school bell daily on our BoonvilleColumbia, Cameron, Kansas City, Lebanon, St. James and St. Louis campuses. In St. Louis, we provide additional services for children with autism. By separate agreement with the Springfield Public Schools, that district’s teachers operate a school on our Springfield campus.

Getting Enrolled

Every youth deserves to be surrounded by adults who help cultivate an excitement to learn, to dream big and to build the future they deserve. Our admissions specialists are highly trained to provide prompt, confidential service, followed by a timely evaluation and assessment to create a customized plan for each child or teen.

For enrollment information, please call us at (844) 424-3577



Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS)

Sponsors of this Program

United Way of Greater St. Louis