Autism Services

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Life can be so rewarding, and at times also challenging, for a child living and learning with an autism spectrum disorder. KVC Missouri’s dedicated team of professionals is here to help along that journey by offering understanding, connection, and a path to accomplishment through our autism-focused programs.

For more information about our autism services or other services, contact us at 1-844-424-3577

Autism Camp Program

For children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or who have a social communication disorder, KVC Missouri’s specialized camps provide incredible opportunities for them to build skills, grow emotionally and socially, and challenge themselves to achieve their fullest potential. Our staff are specially trained to provide sensory, communication, and/or behavioral support in a safe, nurturing environment.

Autism Camp Program Accreditations
The Joint Commission
American Camping Association

Autism Education Program

KVC Missouri provides individualized education and therapy services in small class settings for children with communication disorders, cognitive delays or autism spectrum disorder. This helps them meet educational and social skill objectives and successfully function in a less restrictive environment at home and school.

Our world-class, evidence-based interventions and unique approach to autism education empower children to modify challenging behaviors while improving communication and developing social skills.

We support success in home and group home settings by focusing on life skills such as cooking, housekeeping, laundry, money management and other vocational activities. Skills taught are then reinforced through community field trips such as grocery shopping, eating in a restaurant and using public transportation.

iPad are provided to support academics and communication and all services are individualized to meet each child’s specific needs, including:

  • Differentiated instruction
  • Social skills instruction
  • Life skills focus
  • Individual, family and group therapy
  • Sensory integration and individual sensory diets
  • Parent education
  • Community-based outings
  • Speech and language services
  • Occupational therapy services
  • Music and art therapy
  • Functional communication training (Picmure Exchange Communication System)
  • Nursing, psychiatric, medical, psychosocial and education evaluations and consultation

Autism Education Program Accreditations
The Joint Commission
The Independent Schools Association of the Central States
The Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
Illinois State Board of Education

Autism Respite Program

KVC Missouri’s Community-Based and In-Home Respite Programs provide youth with opportunities to develop independent living skills.

Community-Based Respite Services

A specially designed respite home is available in St. Louis for day and overnight respite care, completely free to families, providing a secure and supportive environment for youth. This includes a structured routine, needs-based programming, and a safe environment that supports the child’s move toward self-sufficiency. As children learn life skills, they participate in activities that help transfer these skills across settings. Day services are available during spring break, summer vacation and winter break. Summer programming takes place on weekdays from the end of May through the second week of August.

Personalized attention is the focus, with a 3:1 child-to-staff ratio and no more than six students served by two staff members. The emphasis is always on the positive. Children enjoy pajama parties and movie nights at the respite house, as well as fun-filled adventures to places like the zoo and science museum. Additionally, kids take part in fun group activities such as arts and crafts and cooking. These activities help them learn valuable life and social skills like hygiene, safety, and academics, while building lasting memories.

Any child age 7 to 20 years who has a diagnosed developmental disability and lives in St. Louis County can qualify for respite services at KVC – no referral necessary.

In-Home Respite Services

In-home respite services are completely free to families and support children in acquiring appropriate behaviors for their home and in the community by working to increase independent living and social skills. This allows children to remain in their homes and communities where they are surrounded by their support system. In-home services are at the ready whenever the family needs them, up to 500 hours per year.

Any child age 3 to 20 years who has a diagnosed developmental disability and lives in St. Louis County can qualify for respite services provided at home – no referral necessary.

All services are individualized to meet each child’s specific needs, including:

  • Social skills instruction
  • Life skills focus
  • Community-based outings

The Joint Commission
The St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund
Productive Living Board

For more information about our autism services or other services, contact us at 1-844-424-3577

KVC Missouri’s Commitment to Helping Families

KVC Missouri’s commitment to helping families in need extends beyond our autism programs. Our caring team of over 800 professionals has been working toward our vision of a world in which every person is safe and connected to a strong family and a healthy community.

We also provide:

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We have over 20 locations across the state of Missouri with regional hubs in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia and St. James. KVC Missouri provides one of the nation’s broadest arrays of child welfare and behavioral health services, spreading across the continuum of care. With the most comprehensive services in Missouri – and our longtime legacy of caring – we seek to reach every child and family who needs our help.