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KVC Missouri Has Grown to Provide a Broader Continuum of Care & Serve Children and Families Statewide

KVC Missouri has expanded to provide new services and to support more Missouri children and families! The St. Louis-based behavioral health nonprofit, Great Circle, has a legacy of strengthening Missouri families and communities, and it has now integrated to become a part of KVC Missouri.

This expanded staff of more than 800 caring team members are now working to bring family strengthening services, foster care, children’s mental health, education, residential treatment, and other services at over 20 locations across the state. KVC Missouri now has locations in cities including Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield, St. James, St. Louis and beyond.

KVC Missouri map of locations - children's mental health, foster care, residential treatment, K-12 therapeutic schools education acadmiesWith this expansion, KVC Missouri’s continuum of care now spans from less intensive, preventive services to high-end acute crisis care. This allows our team to meet children and families where they are and provide individualized support. It’s incredibly rare for a single organization to have a continuum of care this broad, and it makes KVC an ideal partner for serving families with complex needs. 

Programs New to KVC Missouri 

At KVC Missouri, we know connection is the foundation for healing. These therapeutic relationships can be formed or strengthened in a school, parenting class, crisis shelter, foster home, or even on an outdoor adventure. Our comprehensive services allow KVC Missouri to meet a variety of needs and offer the opportunity for connection to children and families at many different points. That’s why were excited to share some highlights of the unique programing that is new to KVC Missouri!

Crisis Care & Family Support in Southeast Missouri

With the integration of Great Circle into KVC Missouri, we have expanded our continuum of community-based services, including child advocacy, emergency children’s shelters, women’s domestic violence shelters, foster care services and mental health support. Learn more about our Missouri crisis care, family support and other community-based services.

Equine & Animal-Assisted Therapy

KVC Missouri’s St. James campus offers youth clients a therapeutic equine program. Young people learn how to strengthen their human relationships by building close ones with the campus’ four-legged residents including horses, goats and rabbits. Through theses connections, clients learn about boundaries, empathy, trust and respect, as well as managing emotions and building social communication skills. Learn more about our children’s mental health and residential treatment services.

K-12 Alternative Schools (Day Treatment)

KVC Missouri operates private therapeutic schools, approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. These individualized learning environments empower students to grow both academically and emotionally. Our education team is committed to building relationships with students, using restorative practices and demonstrating that they are not going to give up on youth. Over 700 students found a welcoming place to heal, change and grow at our K-12 therapeutic schools last year. Learn more about our Missouri K-12 therapeutic educational academies.

Meramec Adventure Ranch

Meramec Adventure Ranch is a 1,200-acre adventure base, that provides youth clients who visit with a transformative outdoor experience. Through activities like ropes courses, aquatic adventures, camping, kayaking and biking, young people build confidence and begin to believe in their abilities and skills to achieve goals. After a Ranch experience, kids begin to see they’re not alone and that they have within them the power to make an impact on the world. Our Ranch team nurtures hope, helps campers find their inner strength and creates the connections that are essential to healing. Learn more about how Meramec Adventure Ranch helps youth heal.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing interviews with KVC Missouri leaders and give you a behind-the-scenes look of how we help children build resilience and heal. In the meantime, you can learn more about KVC Missouri here.

Would you consider helping children who have mental health needs and those who have experienced adversity including child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, bullying, discrimination, and poverty? We are seeking people who want to help children by being a KVC Missouri supporter. There are opportunities to make a difference through donating, volunteering, advocating and more. Make a gift to help children through KVC Missouri today.

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