Mental Health Conditions & Disorders

children's mental health conditions

Children and teens may have trouble verbally expressing how they’re feeling. It’s important to be able to recognize the signs or symptoms that indicate a youth may be struggling with their behavioral or mental health.

When children or teens deviate from regular behavioral patterns, this can indicate stress, fatigue or underlying trauma. There are many emotional and/or behavioral changes to watch for and there are various types of mental illness that a child could be struggling with. At the links below, you can learn about the mental health diagnoses our children’s psychiatric hospitals most commonly treat in youth, the signs and symptoms associated with each, and ways you can help a child who is struggling. 

If you notice behavioral changes or warning signs, address them as soon as possible. Let them know it’s okay to feel sadness, fear, anger, and any other emotion. It’s important that these feelings aren’t ignored and that they feel comfortable having judgment-free discussions about them. You should also seek a professional assessment as soon as possible.