Community and Family Services

All families go through tough times. KVC Missouri helps families stay together using evidence-based interventions. Our Community and Family Services are focused on stabilizing the family, helping children remain safely in their homes, and improving the long-term wellbeing of both children and families.

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Autism Services

Autism Services Overview

Autism Camps

Autism Education

Autism Respite Program

Crisis Services

Crisis Services Overview

Emergency Shelters

Crisis Support for Women & Children

Ozark Foothills Child Advocacy Center

Homeless Youth Services

Mental Health Services

Hope Program

In-Home Family Support

Intensive In-Home Services

Home Visiting – Healthy Families America®

Aftercare Program

Intensive Family Intervention Services

Intensive Family Reunification Services

School-Based Services

School-Based Services Overview

Student Support Services

Therapeutic Mentoring

Transitional Youth Services

Services for Youth Transitioning from Foster Care

Transitional Living Group Homes

Scattered Sites Apartment Living

Impact US Program


Other Services

Foster Care Case Management

Strong & Connected

Supervised Visitation