Incredible Years Program


Early childhood is the most crucial time of life for our healthy emotional and social development.

That’s why KVC Missouri offers the Incredible Years® program – a free, multi-format program that provides parenting education to families with children ages 3-12 who are at risk of abuse or child conduct problems because of several societal and economic risk factors.

Program Details

Incredible Years is a 12-week, evidence-based program that helps parents and caretakers develop skills and techniques that will build positive relationships that promote a child’s social and emotional competence and school readiness and help reduce behavior problems. Outcomes include:

  • Improved parenting skills and techniques
  • Strengthened parental competence, especially in using nonviolent discipline approaches
  • Increased positive family support networks and school involvement

The program is delivered through a combination of small-group sessions, discussions and video-based learning. Additional support is provided for families with a child who has additional special education needs, such as an autism diagnosis or language delay.

Families often are referred to the program by the Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Division or local family courts. Families also may self-refer to the program.

The Incredible Years program is available in two Jefferson County:

  • Funding for this program comes through a grant from Jefferson Memorial Foundation.


Who is eligible for this program?

  • Parents/caretakers of children ages 3-12 years old
  • Residents of Jefferson County


The Joint Commission

Sponsors of this Program

Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation