Treatment Foster Care – Are You an Experienced Caregiver?

treatment foster care

Do You Have Experience Fostering or Caregiving? Treatment Foster Care May Be Perfect for You!

In addition to general foster care services, KVC Missouri provides Treatment Foster Care (TFC). The TFC program provides individualized therapeutic interventions to children with significant medical, developmental, emotional, or behavioral needs who require a higher level of care. The program provides caregivers with additional supports to allow youth in foster care with elevated needs to be successful in a community-based family setting.

Being a Treatment Foster Care home is a great fit for foster parents and other caregivers who have experience caring for youth with elevated needs. In our TFC program, you will:

  • Undergo free, specialized training to meet the needs of the youth in your care
  • Play a large role as part of the youth’s treatment team
  • Enjoy paid vacation and respite days
  • Receive a higher reimbursement rate than that of general foster care to meet the needs of the child
  • Have access to 24/7 support from KVC, including therapists and additional supervision for the youth as well as support groups and therapists for TFC parents

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How Do Children Qualify for Treatment Foster Care placement?

TFC may be used for children as an alternative to residential treatment. It can also be used for children who have received residential treatment services but are ready to go to a placement as close to a family setting as possible and are not able to return to a previous foster home or parental home.

What’s the Main Goal of Placing a Child in a Treatment Foster Care home?

The main goal of TFC is to provide children with elevated needs in family a setting until they can be successful in a more traditional foster home setting. TFC foster placements are intended to be short-term, usually around six months. However, there may be times that the placement could be shorter or last much longer, depending on the availability of traditional foster homes for the child to step down to.

What Are the Training Requirements?

TFC parents are required to complete the approved 27 hours of pre-service training curriculum to become a licensed traditional foster parent prior to receiving the training to become a TFC foster home. The type of pre-service training depends on the county were you live. Some examples are: NTDC, Missouri STRONG and STARS. One of our KVC recruiters can help you to identify which pre-service training is required for your location.

An additional 27 hours of approved specialized training is required to become a TFC family. KVC’s TFC training program combines curriculum from Teen CORE and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and is designed to prepare families to meet the day-to-day needs of children with elevated needs.

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What Are the Continuing Education Requirements for Treatment Foster Care Homes?

TFC foster parents are required to complete 10 hours of in-service training hours, in addition to the 30 hours of in-service training required for traditional foster home license renewal. In the state of Missouri, if families wish to renew their license, they go through that process every two years.

The additional 10 hours of in-service training for TFC families is tailored to the family and child’s current needs. The specific training needs of the TFC parent(s) shall be identified and selected by the TFC worker in consultation with the TFC parent(s).

How Are Youths’ Financial and Medical Needs Met?

The daily reimbursement for children placed in TFC homes is higher than that of general foster care, but dependent on the needs of the child.

Each of the children in the custody of the State of Missouri receives a medical card when they are removed from their family home. Some children are also covered under their family’s private insurance.

What Kind of Additional Support Will KVC Provide My Family?

  • Initial and ongoing training opportunities
  • Foster parent therapists and support groups
  • Mental health treatment for the children in your care from a KVC therapist or help connecting with community resources and support
  • Family Support Worker specifically designated to support and assist your family. These workers have smaller-than-traditional caseloads so that they are able to dedicate more time and energy to supporting TFC families.
  • An enhanced daily rate to support the youth in your care

Will I Be Able to Receive Childcare Services as a TFC Provider?

Taking care of children with elevated needs can come with various challenges throughout the work day.  At times, children may need to be picked up early from school due to behavior or mental health needs. They may also get suspended from school from time to time. Because of their elevated level of need, it can sometimes be difficult to locate alternative childcare resources.  KVC will work with you to come up with a plan that works best for your family.

I’m Interested in Being Trained to Become a Treatment Foster Care Home. How Do I Get Started?

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, click here and one of our recruiters will be in contact with you.

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