Intensive Care Coordination

KVC’s Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) Program provides wrap around services using a team-based planning and problem-solving process to help youth and their families struggling with emotional, mental and behavioral problems. The wraparound process begins by identifying the family’s strengths and needs and then assisting the family in creating a plan to meet these needs.  

The ICC Program is available to children and youth ages 0-17 with a current, serious impairment in two or more areas (home, school, social relationships) and who are currently at risk of being involved with multiple agencies. This program is built to support youth and their families in the community and reduce or prevent the need for residential care, or entry into the foster care system.

When referred, families will be assigned to a wraparound facilitator, who will meet with the family at least once a week. The services provided will include building a relationship with the family, developing a support team, connecting families with peer support, developing wraparound plans planning meetings and transitioning families out of services in about six months with the skills to be successful.

What do we do?

We listen to the concerns of the youth and families we work with and let them take the lead on their care plan, including choosing their goals and service needs.
Help families identify and engage with their natural support network
Help families identify community resources that best fit their needs on an ongoing basis
Develop plans and next steps to meet the goals identified by the family
Help families track progress and change goal direction, when needed
Advocate for and empower the family to advocate for themselves

Why do we do it?

To improve mental health, safety, behavior and family autonomy
To increase permanency and stability for youth to remain in their homes
To decrease the need for restrictive residential environments
To empower families to seek services and support to sustain a healthy and independent life in the future


For more information or to make a referral, please contact Grace Green at 816-895-4200 or