Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTFs)

Every road gets a little bumpy sometimes. There are challenges that are difficult to process and hard to talk about. KVC Missouri’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities, commonly called PRTFs, provide support when kids are dealing with trauma, unsafe behavior or mental health challenges. Through individualized, compassionate therapeutic care, they develop the skills needed to more effectively manage emotions, direct their own self-care and build healthy relationships with family, peers and others.

Our PRTFs provide treatment for children and teens experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts, severe aggression, the impacts of trauma or other challenges that require intensive specialized support. PRTFs provide 24/7 onsite medical care and serve clients who have not been able to experience improvements with outpatient treatment. This level of treatment is available for Medicaid-eligible children under age 21.

An interdisciplinary team of licensed and trained medical professionals provides around-the-clock care that begins with a proper diagnosis of individual challenges. They then develop an individualized treatment plan that is reviewed every 30 days and includes medication management, therapy and support to help clients become more confident and capable. The goal is to equip clients with coping skills and resilience to help them safely transition back to their home community or to a less restrictive environment.

If you’re concerned about your child or need to refer a client for treatment, contact Our PRTF Admissions Team.

Call 1-844-424-3577

Residential Treatment Includes:

  • Full medical, clinical and nursing assessments
  • Intensive psychiatric care and medication management
  • Individual, family and group therapy sessions
  • Case coordination
  • Innovative treatment and education to teach youth about their brains and how to regulate their emotions
  • Accredited alternative education for grades K-12. Children are able to receive credits, educational testing, and IEP services.

What to Expect During Admission

When a client or family arrives for admission, a nurse or other healthcare professional will meet them in our lobby and escort them to one of our visiting rooms. In this room, KVC Missouri will:

  • Ask parents/guardians to complete the admission paperwork, providing consent and contact information
  • Provide education about the treatment program and our highly-trained team
  • Assign the client a bedroom
  • Integrate the client into therapeutic activities as soon as possible

We know that sometimes it can be difficult for parents/guardians to be onsite with their child due to different life circumstances. When that is the case, as long as the parents/guardians send us the completed consent paperwork we can complete the admission process over the phone.

What to Expect at Discharge

To help ensure continued success, our treatment team works with each child’s parents/guardians to create an aftercare plan and coordinate follow-up care in their home community. We believe that follow-up services are essential to a child’s sustained progress, and when possible, we will help schedule these appointments.

Aftercare services might include individual therapy, family therapy/education, specialized educational services, medication management, psychosocial/supportive groups, substance use treatment, attendant care and/or case management services.

Our PRTF Locations: 

Columbia, MO

4304 S. Bearfield Rd., Columbia, MO 65201

Springfield, MO

1212 W. Lombard St., Springfield, MO 65806


Licensed by the State of Missouri and accredited by The Joint Commission