Foster Care Case Management


This program serves children and teens, newborn to age 18, in the custody of the state who have been removed from their parents’ custody due to abuse or neglect.

Program Details

KVC Missouri believes that all children deserve a permanent home. Case managers work with parents and caretakers to help alleviate the issues of the family, such as abuse and neglect – things that necessitated removal from home and placement in the custody of the state. The belief is that if a child can be returned safely to the home, then the best place for the child is in the home. A strengths-based model that builds on a family’s strengths is used to empower the family to achieve a level of change required for reunification. If a child cannot be safely reunited with his or her family, services are provided to locate and support other permanency options, such as guardianship or adoption.

Foster care case managers provide, coordinate and facilitate all services necessary to support the permanency goal for the children in care. Case managers provide for safety and needs assessments, resource acquisition transportation and visitation, court reports, and authorization of funds for services to family members.


The Joint Commission

Sponsors of this Program

Missouri Department of Social Services – Children’s Division