Parent Aide Services


We cannot teach what we haven’t been taught ourselves. Having frequent contact with healthy role models and seeing clear examples of effective parenting can be a positive step toward breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect. The Parent Aide program is designed to provide that through regular in-home visits that help strengthen families and reunite parent and child.

Program Details

Parent Aides work in the family home with parents whose children are in protective custody in Missouri’s foster care system. Serving as a role model and teacher, Parent Aides help parents develop the parenting and home management skills needed to ensure a safe home environment and strengthen the family unit so parent and child can safely reunify.

KVC Missouri’s Parent Aides work with parents to:

  • Better understand child development stages
  • Use effective discipline techniques based on the child’s age/developmental level and improve conflict resolution skills
  • Improve communication, interpersonal relationship and problem-solving skills
  • Effectively manage personal and family stress
  • Shop for and prepare nutritious meals
  • Manage a household budget
  • Address home and personal cleanliness concerns
  • Seek help for medical and mental health issues
  • Help build support systems and community networks

KVC Missouri provides Parent Aide services to Missouri families in KVC Missouri’s Central, South Central, Southeastern and Southwestern regions. It is paid for through Missouri’s Department of Social Services Children’s Division or through the state’s foster care case management program.