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Nonprofit KVC Missouri’s 2022 Impact in the Lives of Children and Families

This October, KVC released it’s 2022 Impact Report – Be you. Be here. Belong.

The 2022 theme of belonging represents the important ability for everyone to be their genuine self and to feel safe while being seen.

Nonprofit KVC Missouri provides foster care and behavioral health services with a 139-year legacy of serving Missouri children and families. Our compassionate services help people achieve mental health wellness and strengthen families throughout the state. KVC Missouri services include child abuse and neglect prevention, foster parent training, treatment foster care, behavioral services for children, and other community-based family assistance.

Building Connection

nonprofit KVC MissouriThe services offered through KVC Missouri help establish a feeling of belonging, which builds a foundation for creating a lasting sense of connection. The desire to make connections with others is hardwired within each of us. Therefore, it’s natural to want and deserve love. Through the act of connection, we can then see how these feelings contribute to a sense of belonging, purpose and joy. On the flip side, we will also have a range of stressors and challenges in life. These commonalities help remind us, for better and for worse, that this is part of living a human life.

Uniting Factor

KVC Missouri is united by a commitment to create safety and belonging from the inside out. For more than 100 years, we’ve been serving children and youth in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. This includes day treatment at an alternative K-12 school and residential treatment for children with mental and behavioral health needs. Read a recent KVC Missouri success story about a student who overcame incredible challenges in the midst of the pandemic to achieve his goal of graduating high school.

nonprofit KVC MissouriKVC Missouri’s 2022 Impact

Our work requires a consistent and multi-faceted approach of strengthening relationships within our workforce, among the families we work with, and within the communities we serve. By fortifying Missouri families through a continuum of care, we create a positive path forward of lasting change.

Here’s a snapshot of the positive impact our staff and supporters had in the lives of Missouri children and families over the course of 2022:

  • 120 new foster/adoptive families were helped through the state licensure process
  • 149 youth admissions were served at our mental health residential treatment facility
  • 451 hours of training provided to foster parents statewide
  • 3,578 individual therapy sessions provided to children
  • 5,681 days of instruction provided to students at our alternative K-12 school
  • 9,610 expressive therapy services provided to children
  • 96% attendance rate at our K-12 school (much higher than the 89-92% national averages)
  • 88% of children receiving residential treatment were successfully discharged to family-like settings or other lower levels of care
  • 50% shorter lengths of residential treatment, helping children achieve mental wellness and return to their home communities (now 130 days on average, compared to previously 270 days)

Click here to read KVC’s full annual report.

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