Become a Holiday Hero

Looking for a way to give back this holiday season? There are a few great ways!

  1. Become a Holiday Hero to make the season brighter for a child or teen receiving psychiatric treatment

These children are staying at Niles to receive intensive clinical services for depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, the impacts of trauma, or other mental health needs. Imagine being a child away from home during the holiday season. They miss their family and friends and like any other child are wondering if they will have gifts to open.

Becoming a Holiday Hero is a rewarding way for you to show these kids how special they are!

Anyone can be a Holiday Hero – individuals, families, churches, community organizations or businesses. Click here to learn more or fill out the form below to sign up.

2. Help us share our appreciation with a small group of outstanding foster families that are providing consistent, loving homes for children in foster care, now and through the holiday season

These families care for children in foster care in their homes 24/7 – some have even stepped up to take in children within their own families and/or that they had a prior relationship to from the child’s community.  When children are placed with people they know, they are much more likely to thrive!

Being a foster parent is a selfless job that requires a lot of energy, time, and love – and we want to show these families how much we appreciate all they do for the children in their homes.