Parent Education & Training


Parent education programs and trainings focus on strengthening families through parenting classes, family assessments and support services. The goal is to improve communication between family members, stabilize the family, and reduce child abuse and neglect. Programs may be court-ordered or funded by Missouri’s Department of Social Services Children’s Division.

The emphasis is on improving parenting and discipline techniques, learning about child development, and connecting families to community resources. Parents can self-refer or may be referred by Missouri Children’s Division, local courts or other child/family-focused agencies.

KVC Missouri provides parenting education in every region of Missouri.

  • Central/Northeast MO – Parent education, supervised visitation
  • Eastern MO – Parent education
  • Southwestern MO – Parent education, psychological evaluations, supervised visitation
  • Western MO – Parent education, psychological evaluations

Supporting Parents

Parent education is delivered via small-group classes or in-home sessions, based on the individual needs of the family. Parent education programs are available in all regions of Missouri. However, in some regions, they operate under specific names, as part of the funding (see below).

Small-group parent education classes are offered throughout the year, and generally convene weekly over several weeks. In-home sessions are tailored to family needs and length of service is often decided by court order or the case worker’s treatment plan.

In-home sessions

  • Supervised visitation Regular visits between estranged parents and their children is important to rebuild a safe, strong family unit. Parents whose children are currently in foster care receive one-on-one guidance during supervised visits with their children to help improve parenting skills. Often required through court order, this program can be coupled with other parent education/training opportunities.

Psychological evaluations

Psychological evaluations are an additional support service that can provide vital information to help guide how KVC Missouri’s approach to strengthen families. Through funding, children in  south central and western Missouri who have been separated from their families are eligible for a psychological evaluation within 30 days of separation.

For more information about options for parent education and training, click on the links provided or contact KVC Missouri at 1-844-424-3577.