Transitional Living Group Homes


Transitional Living Group Homes provide a safe, healthy living environment for youth along their path of transition from alternative care to self-sufficiency. Increasing autonomy in a structured environment prepares youth with the life skills they need to thrive in the outside world, while developing positive peer and adult relationships.

Program Details

We seek to help every young adult who dreams of earning their independence. Our individualized services for youth in transitional group living homes include case management, employment and educational services, medical, and psychiatric treatment.

While in the program, case managers assist youth with daily living activities, employment and education referrals, developing skills for self-sufficiency, transportation and ongoing medical care.

All training and treatment interventions focus on supporting youth through the transition to greater self-sufficiency across key areas of potential growth.

  • Academic achievement
  • Job readiness
  • Community services and support
  • Youth leadership opportunities
  • Independent living skills

Family therapy is available and encouraged for participating youth. Additional family engagement and treatment may also be supported via video, phone and other communication methods depending on location and family availability. Group Therapy is provided multiple times each week by Master’s-level therapists. Individual psychotherapy is provided weekly by a Master’s-level therapist. Substance abuse education and therapy is provided as required by diagnosis.

Psychiatric Services

Though initial assessment is completed using DSM-V diagnosis, each child receives individual sessions and consultation with their therapist and case manager for medication checks. Updated diagnosis is provided according to the child’s specific needs, and nursing services are also provided as needed. Our caring staff is highly trained in proper medication management and dispensation.