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Transforming Your Life with a Career at KVC Missouri

Here at KVC Missouri, we know we all need connection. We keep that focus at the heart of our work each day as we work to strengthen families, prevent child abuse and neglect and help people achieve mental health wellness. As we strive to help those we serve, we also help our own team find those priceless connections. This makes KVC Missouri a great place to grow your career!

Based on the voice of our employees, KVC was honored to receive a Work Wellbeing score of 79 on Indeed. This rating is a rare one and places KVC among the top 1% of employers nationally.

Beyond the work we do to create a positive impact on the lives of children, youth and caregivers within the community, our employees and leaders come together each day knowing that they are contributing to something much greater than themselves — and it’s paying off. Those who choose a career with KVC can expect to feel fulfilled, to have support from peers and leaders and to be met with a safe and inclusive environment. Explore what you can gain when you join our team!

Gain Purpose, Fulfillment and Belonging with KVC 

With so many people working toward the common goal of achieving safety and connection for families and communities across Missouri, purpose, fulfillment and belonging come with the territory. At KVC, we believe organizations that prioritize safety, connection and belonging can inspire and teach others to do the same!

With this in mind, our team members work together to set an example of this vision for others. “There’s a great opportunity to find your niche here, and it’s filled with people all doing amazing things,” says Grace Green, a foster care supervisor with KVC Missouri. “Learning from my peers has given me the ability to thrive and help others, which is the greatest sense of fulfillment.” 

For other team members, the connection to this work is very personal. “KVC “fills my cup, and gives me purpose by helping children like my son, who is non-verbal and autistic, succeed,” says Danielle Cooney, a teacher with KVC Missouri’s Academy in St. Louis. She loves how KVC allows professional autonomy, and as a result, she finds purpose and fulfillment through creativity. Danielle has especially enjoyed developing programs, experiences and educational curricula to help children learn and develop their skills. 

KVC’s culture of belonging is also evident with many employees having tenures of 10, 20 and even 30 years. Yahna Gibson, a residential therapist with KVC Missouri, began her career about 30 years ago at KVC’s residential treatment program in Kansas City, known locally as Niles. “I fell in love with what KVC represented to the community — a place for families to come for necessary help and care,” Yahna says. 

“And KVC has only gotten better since,” she continues. “The program has grown in a great way, with the addition of different therapies and group activities for supporting the children. And along with the new program innovations, KVC has worked diligently on creating an inspirational company culture.” 

KVC team members at a fun internal event

KVC team members celebrating a big announcement.

Join a Positive and Supportive Work Culture with Advancement Opportunities

Over the years, KVC has established a culture of support and positivity. In addition to positively impacting the community, our goal is also to positively impact our team internally. Here, growth and development are intentional, and each team member feels valued for their contributions to KVC’s mission. 

On a daily basis, there’s praise for a job well done. But more importantly, there’s always someone checking in on team members, which is especially crucial in the work we do at KVC. There’s always someone to cheer team members on when the days are tough. From an overall career perspective, KVC encourages team members to develop personally and professionally. “KVC gives me the opportunity to grow in my own way, both professionally and personally,” Grace says, “which makes it great for building and keeping relationships with the administration and other coworkers.”

Growth Opportunities through KVC

We celebrate professional growth and development. We welcome team members with numerous opportunities for growth including training, certifications and collegiate education. 

And as you grow in your career, KVC can remain home, as KVC prioritizes promoting from within. There are a multitude of opportunities for training, promotion and growth into leadership roles, and with the tuition reimbursement benefit, employees can develop additional knowledge and skills to grow professionally.

One of the biggest benefits of working with KVC is the tuition reimbursement. The leadership team understands that the whole organization thrives when team members are encouraged to continue their education and develop their professional skills, all while being supported through the process. Education reimbursement is only one of the many benefits that come with working at KVC, while other benefits like flexible scheduling and an inclusive work environment give team members a satisfying work experience that fits their lifestyle and needs. 

Feel a Sense of Belonging, Safety and Inclusion 

At the heart of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI+B) is innovation, and KVC’s DEIB efforts value the diverse dimensions of each individual and rely on diverse perspectives. KVC has appointed a DEIB Council to champion these crucial values through planned initiatives and enhancements across the organization to continue creating a culture of safety and inclusion for team members and the children and families served.

While the council is in place to help lead efforts, it takes everyone to create change, and at KVC, all voices are welcomed, heard and appreciated. As Yahna says, “For the children to be successful, the team has to be successful. So, collectively, we are inclusive, connected and support each other to do the best job possible for the children.”

As a part of DEI+B, the whole team is committed to treating others with compassion and respect. When you join an inclusive and goal-oriented organization like this, you’re creating the opportunity to feel safe, connected, supported and fulfilled while working on this vision for the community. 

Benefits of Working with KVC Missouri

In addition to a supportive environment, a commitment to DEI+B, a positive culture and growth opportunities, KVC Missouri team members enjoy a wide variety of benefits. Benefits include:

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Flexible schedule with hybrid and work-from-home options
  • Professional development and advancement opportunities
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Wellness benefits like gym memberships, health screenings and mental health support
  • Company-paid life insurance
  • Generous paid time off
  • Company-paid parental leave plan
  • Retirement plan savings match
  • Employee engagement initiatives that empower each team member’s voice and opinions
  • Employee assistance program (including free therapy for team members and their families)
  • Inspiring culture and mission

Join the KVC Missouri Team

Grace says it best. “At KVC, you’re joining a community. The support that we have with each other and the work we’re doing to support others is so fulfilling, you really couldn’t have it better anywhere else!” 

Sound like the kind of workplace where you’ll thrive? KVC Missouri is actively hiring! Opportunities are available across the state in a range of fields including therapists, nursing, case managers, teacher assistants, direct care roles working with youth receiving residential mental health treatment, foster care licensing and placement, and more. Explore open positions and find your purpose with KVC!


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