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Ways You Can Help a Child or Teen in Need During the Holidays

help children during the holidays

For over 13,000 Missouri children in foster care, enjoying holiday traditions with family may not be possible, and making plans for the future may be difficult. Children who find themselves in foster care have often been removed from their parents because they have experienced abuse or neglect and it is unsafe to remain in their homes. Their families are going through a crisis, and foster care is a safe place that gives each child and his or her family an opportunity to resolve conflicts or disruptions and learn healthy skills so they can safely reunite. In addition, thousands of Missouri youth are currently receiving psychiatric treatment and could use your help to have a brighter holiday season.

It takes help from caring and supportive communities to strengthen families and build resilience in children and adults who have experienced trauma. You can give the gift of compassion during the holidays and throughout the year in several different ways:

Become a Holiday Hero to Make the Season Brighter for a Child or Teen Receiving Psychiatric Treatment

As mentioned, thousands of youth across the state are receiving psychiatric treatment. At KVC Niles, a branch of KVC Missouri, children are receiving intensive clinical services for depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, the impacts of trauma, or other mental health needs. Some of these youth are away from home during the holiday season. They miss their family and friends and like any other child are wondering if they will have gifts to open. Becoming a Holiday Hero is a rewarding way for you to show these kids how special they are!

Anyone can be a Holiday Hero – individuals, families, churches, community organizations or businesses. Click here to learn more!

Foster a Child or Teen 

One of the most profound way you can make a difference is to open your heart and home to a child or teen in foster care. Foster parents provide a safe and caring environment and help ensure that every child receives the education, medical care and support they need to thrive. They also play an important role in helping children recover from the trauma and/or neglect they have experienced. More foster parents are needed in every community so that children can remain close to what is familiar to them, especially their families and schools.

Help children and teens by becoming a foster parent with KVC.

Volunteer Your Time and Talents 

We’re always looking for volunteers to help us with events and other projects throughout the year, such as our Holiday Hero program, which gives you the opportunity to shop for gifts for youth receiving psychiatric treatment and for youth in foster care.

Make a Donation

There are several different ways you can donate to KVC and show a child or teen that they matter: sign up for our Everyday Hero monthly giving program, donate school supplies or holiday gifts, or make a monetary donation. No matter what you give, your gift makes a difference.

Educate Others 

Like we said, there are over 13,000 Missouri children in foster care, and you can be an advocate for them by raising awareness and educating others. KVC publishes new content frequently on our website and social media pages. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and share our posts.

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