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KVC Missouri Launches New Chapter in Foster Care—Takes Helm of Foster Parent Recruitment, Training and Licensing

KVC Missouri is proud to announce it has been awarded a significant contract by the Missouri Department of Social Services to manage the recruitment, training, licensing and support of foster parents and relative caregivers across Kansas City and Northwest Missouri. This transition became effective on March 1. National Foster Care Month is an ideal time to raise awareness about the needs of children in foster care and the vital role organizations like KVC Missouri play in providing supportive services.

Under the new contract, previously held for a decade by Cornerstones of Care, KVC Missouri will now oversee approximately 500 foster and relative resource homes in the region. This transition marks a significant expansion of KVC Missouri’s operations. It is a testament to KVC’s proven expertise and dedication in the field of child welfare and mental health.    

Lindsey Stephenson, President of KVC Missouri, expressed her enthusiasm about the new responsibilities. “As KVC takes on this vital role, our priority remains clear – to ensure there is no disruption in the compassionate care provided to children facing crises,” said Stephenson.

Headshot of Lindsey Stephenson“The caregivers we work with are core to our mission, offering more than just a home; they provide a nurturing environment crucial for the growth, healing and transformation of children and families in our care.”

Lindsey Stephenson – President, KVC Missouri

KVC Missouri has been providing foster care case management services as well as treatment foster care services in this region. Treatment foster care is a form of specialized foster care that provides individualized therapeutic interventions to children with significant medical, developmental, emotional or behavioral needs. This expansion of foster care services into Kansas City and Northwest Missouri is part of KVC Missouri’s strategic plan to provide a comprehensive continuum of care, ensuring that every child and family has access to the support they need. 

“We are thrilled to extend our proven methods and compassionate care to even more families. By embracing this new opportunity, we continue our commitment to enhancing the welfare of children throughout Missouri,” said Stephenson. 

National Foster Care Month

May is foster care month

National Foster Care Month is a time to recognize the significant contributions of foster families and the resilience of children in foster care. KVC Missouri encourages the community to get involved and support foster care initiatives. This May, let’s celebrate the profound impact of foster parents and the adults stepping up to support children during their most critical time of need.

Connection and caring are what we value. We provide general foster care services, including free screening, training, licensing and support. KVC Missouri is looking for people who will open their hearts and homes to youth in need of a temporary loving and safe home. We are especially in need of compassionate individuals and families who are willing to:

  • Care for youth in their adolescent and teen years
  • Accept two or more siblings
  • Foster youth with elevated needs

Fostering is just one of many ways to help children in crisis. You can also support children in foster care by mentoring a teen, advocating, donating or volunteering.


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